3 Underlying Reasons for Dry Eyes

16 September 2016
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Dry eyes may seem like a minor problem, but for some people the condition is more significant. When you have dry eyes, it is important to determine the underlying reason and find an appropriate treatment for the overall health of your eyes. Allergies and Antihistamines Seasonal and indoor allergies are common culprits of dry eyes. Other environmental factors such as smoke and other irritants in the air may contribute the a classic feeling of something being in your eye. Read More 

Recently Prescribed Bifocals? How Can You Prevent Them From Impacting Your Aim?

13 June 2016
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If you're an avid marksman who enjoys hunting and target shooting, you may be dismayed at the news that you need bifocals, even wondering whether your shooting days are over for good. Unlike single-prescription lenses, which provide only one level of vision correction, bifocals include an additional magnifying lens embedded within the larger single lens. This dual-lens arrangement helps with reading and other activities that require clear close vision. However, accurately centering and aiming a rifle scope with bifocals can be a challenge, especially if you're still getting used to these glasses. Read More