Eyeglass Lens Repair 101: Faqs From Concerned Glasses Owners

27 March 2019
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If you are someone who depends on eyeglasses to correct your vision, you probably will spend a fair amount of money getting the glasses you need. If your lenses get damaged, it can definitely be disheartening. Thankfully, there are a lot of problems that can come up with optical goods that can be repaired, even where the lenses themselves are concerned. Take a look at some of the common questions glasses wearers tend to have about problems that can come up with their lenses. 

Is it possible to repair scratches in your eyeglass lenses?

Scratches in the lenses of your glasses can most often be repaired as long as your lenses were made out of good quality material. You can try remedies at home to repair scratches, such as using polish or petroleum jelly to try and buff out the scratches. However, these remedies will usually only do you any good if they are very slight and not at all that deep. It is usually best to take your glasses to a place that offers optical product repairs that has the proper tools and equipment to completely eliminate the scratches from the surface of the lenses. 

Can you have chips in your glasses removed?

If there are chips in the lenses themselves, these can be hard to remove without affecting the quality of the lens. For chips to be corrected in any hard material, it requires the use of a resinous filler material, which will change how the lenses correct your vision if the chip is in your field of vision. It may be possible for chips to be repaired if they are not directly in your line of sight, however. For example, if there is a chip at the edge of a lens, it could potentially be repaired. 

Are there certain types of lenses that cannot be repaired?

There are definitely certain types of lenses that cannot be repaired, and instead, will have to be fully remade. For example, lenses that have tinted qualities can be impossible to repair, and lenses that have bifocal qualities are hard to repair without compromising the bifocal qualities. If your lenses have special qualities, it is best to keep them protected as much as possible because many cannot be repaired as regular lenses can. 

Overall, having access to a quality optical product repair service is a bonus if you have glasses. If you have repairs you have questions about, reach out to an optical clinic, like Southern  Colorado Eye Care Associates.