Caring For Your Eyeglasses: What You Need To Know

26 February 2019
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If you've never had prescription eyeglasses before, you may not know how to care for them. They aren't the same as how you may care for your sunglasses or other types of glasses you may have had before. You can't simply throw them into your purse or anywhere when you aren't wearing them -- well, you can, but they're going to get scratched or broken more easily than your non-prescription glasses. To help you care for your new glasses, use these tips.

Keep Them In The Case

When you aren't wearing your eyeglasses, keep them in a safe place such as in the eyeglass case they came in. This case is going to help protect your eyeglasses, keep dust and other debris off of them when not in use, and prevent them from getting broken. You can carry this case with you, put it in your purse, or keep it on your nightstand to put your glasses in. 

Clean Them With The Proper Cloth

Don't clean your glasses using cloths that can scratch your lenses such as paper towels or your shirt that may contain fibers that can give your lenses fine scratches. Only use the cloth that came with your glasses or use lens cloths that you can find at your local eyeglass store or pharmacy. You can also use lens spray to clean your lenses. Using water or other liquids may damage your lenses, especially if your lenses have a coating on them.

Don't Sleep In Your Glasses

If you're taking a nap or going to bed at night, take your eyeglasses off before you fall asleep. Sleeping in your eyeglasses may cause your frames to bend or even break. Take off your eyeglasses before this happens and put them in the case where they belong.

Don't Play Sports In Your Eyeglasses

You'll want to use sports goggles if you're playing sports and you are an eyeglass wearer. You can invest in specialty sports glasses to prevent breaking your glasses while playing. Swimming goggles that are prescription can also be purchased, as can protective work glasses to enable you to see and also protect your eyes at the same time.

Invest In A Repair Kit

You can always take your glasses in to be tightened and adjusted as needed. You can also purchase a repair kit to help keep the screws on your glasses tightened and secure. You can find these repair kits at your local pharmacy or purchase one from the eyeglass store.

Care for your eyeglasses properly and they can last for quite some time. If your lenses aren't the right prescription, be sure to get your eyes checked and your prescription up to date.